cocktails Inti de Oro Castellana

At Inti de Oro Castellana we bet on a cocktail menu where we combine the most fashionable classic cocktails in Peru, such as thePisco Sour or the Chilcano, with cocktails of our own creation, inspired by our renowned barman.

Our star ingredient is Pisco, a symbol of Peru’s identity, a distillate of grapes from the 16th century whose quality and adaptability allow us to make innovative creations, whether in long drinks, short drinks or digestive drinks.

Our bar is fundamentally a pisquería (bar dedicated to pisco), where you will find all the Pisco brands on the European market. We also bet on other cocktails, all of them with 100% Peruvian products (rums, vodkas, gins…).

Those who try our cocktails and wines are surprised by the fluidity, the speed, the good quality and the good genre that we use.


Inti de Oro Madrid, Peruvian restaurant


Inti de Oro Madrid, the best Peruvian restaurants

Pisco Sour clásico

The most consumed drink (without a doubt) in Peru is this. Distilled (or brandy) from grapes, from the province of Pisco (now in the department of Ica) expanding first along the coasts of the country and ending up gradually landing in the rest of the world.

10% VAT included.

10% increase in terrace.

For more classic and signature cocktails, ask our bartender.